Monday, March 17, 2014

Learn To Like ...

Some years ago I read a list of “Learn to Like” by Lowell L. Bennion.  It stimulated me to make my own list. What would you add to it?


  • Good rather than evil, right rather than wrong, light rather than dark.
  • Faith, confidence, and trust in God.
  • Repentance, change which brings self-improvement and positive growth.
  • Service, lifting, building, and blessing others.
  • The principles of obedience, sacrifice and consecration.
  • Covenants and keeping them.
  • The commandments of God.
  • Work, productivity, building, contributing.
  • Studying rather than just reading the holy scriptures.
  • Having a generous spirit.
  • Worshiping and loving God.
  • Prayer and fasting.
  • Temple worship and being a Savior on Mt Zion.
  • Minding your own business.
  • Following the prophets and apostles of God in righteousness.
  • Duty, self-discipline, and thought control.
  • Building the kingdom of God, fulfilling stewardships, and the responsibility of righteous leadership.
  • Keeping clean hands and a pure heart.

Danel W. Bachman

Lets think together again, soon.

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  1. Learning.
    Being out of your comfort zone.
    Planning and setting goals.